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Our private investigators in Melbourne provide a wide variety of background check services for private individuals, attorneys and corporations. With our background checks, you can receive the information you need to make the right decision about a potential employee, client or new dating partner. Learn more about our specialized services below.


There are many circumstances in which private individuals may need background check services. Whether you are taking on a new roommate, have suspicions about a significant other, or want to know the criminal record of your neighbor, a background check will give you the safety and peace-of-mind you need to go about your life.


Our background check services for attorneys will give you the evidence and information you need for your resolution or trial. With the information gathered from our background checks, you'll be able to build the strongest possible case for your clients. We have served attorneys, we possess the right expertise and resources to get you the material you need to win your case.


Conducting a background check on prospective employees has become a common trend in the workplace. Background checks are a simple, effective way for businesses to mitigate their risk, and should be conducted on new and existing employees, temporary and contractual hires, executive-level candidates, and anyone who has access to company information. With our corporate background services, you'll hire the best employees and reduce your employee turnover rate. You'll also protect your company assets and reputation and ensure a safe work environment.


While online dating has recently become more common, it's difficult to know whether the person you meet online is who they say they are. Though many successful relationships are a result of online dating, you should never trust a stranger you meet online. To ensure your safety, conduct a background check before you commit to a serious relationship with someone you meet online. Our private investigators can discretely get you the information you need to make an informed decision about your relationship.